Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Issaquah Salmon Days

If I'm a beadaholic my husband is certainly a fishaholic, so the Issaquah Salmon Days are a perfect festival for us to attend. There are lots of lovelies for me to look at and he can stare at those fish ladders for hours. One booth we both fell in love with was Clark Mundy's Copper Salmon stall. His work is amazing, his website is, and here is a photo of his booth with his lovely wife, and a work in progress.

Gold Filled Nest

This is the first time I 've used gold filled wire for one of my nests. The wire was lovely to work with, but the nests use so much wire this version is pricey! However, this one flew the coop this last week, the day I had to items on the front page of Etsy at different times-wow, what a rush that was. Interestingly, a lovely Etsian from the east coast bought it, and when I peeked at her shop one of her two photos she had listed was a lighthouse from the state I live in, Washington. Here 's a link to her site: